Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Katherine arrives

My apologies for the delay. Arrived in Zhengzhou sunday it us a very industrial town with bad pollution.
Monday today was the day we pick up katie took s bus to the government registration office and waited for babies to arrive. Of course Katie came last! When age arrived we found out she us afraid of strangers, so not the best beginning. We are with 3 other families and we had the youngest and chubbiest baby which was a good thing. First night was tough she us wary of me and Melissa but ate and slept. Tuesday doing better has attached herself to me. I call her my little bear. Starting to open up and laugh and play and talk as we went to the lotus market. Wednesday doing great posts with the boys smiles and plays with Melissa , but wants daddy when she is tired. Went to the park today and boys played soccer. Going to walmart this afternoon. Tomorrow going to Shaolin temple and them flying to Guanzhou Saturday. We miss everyone and could go for Fridays or Chilis but the beer is good! Glad to have both out moms with us they have been a great help. I shoul be blogging more now that things have settled a tiny bit

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  1. We are so glad you are doing well! Everyday will get a little better! Have a great time in Guangzhou! I can't remember if you said you would be staying at the Garden Hotel but there is a great Irish Pub on the block behind it!

  2. When are you guys coming home? How long before Katie beats JJ at Cornhole?

  3. Christmas in Guanzhou? You got a very nice Christmas present.