Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday in china

Today we go to zengzhou by airplane at least this flight is short!
Tommy has a fever but is hanging in there. Tomorrow we finally get Katie!
Broke down and found a Pizza Hut last night! Still quite an experience as was the taxi ride yesterday

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  1. Praying Tommy feels better! I'm not sure if you are able to read comments (I know that we weren't able to), but please know that we are praying for your little girl! We are praying that she is able to grieve and that she will allow you both to comfort her. As heartbreaking and painful as it is to endure, it's one more sign of the ability to form attachments to caregivers and ultimately her new family! Can't wait to see pictures soon of your Gotcha Day!!!!

  2. Enjoying your postings.and certainly the pictures. Good luck tomorrow, or its it tomorrow already? Thinking of you all. Give Tommy a hug and get him well.

  3. A big +1. Tell Kevin, PUke blew a fifteen point lead to Butler and lost by a point, while IU is 10-0 after beating Notre Dame, both games in Conseco.

    Poor Tommy! Is it still so cold?

  4. Best wishes for an incredible day meeting your baby girl Katie. Can't wait to see the pictures.